Pet smells are very annoying

A few months previously, my neighbor honestly asked me to watch over her dog for multiple weeks. She was viewing current Apartments, plus honestly having a difficult trouble finding the exact perfect one. Meanwhile, she spent her time living at her dad plus her mom’s residence. Her parents were unhappy with multiple pets living in the house, because there was more than a few cats. I offered to condo one of the cats for multiple weeks. It’s now been to multiple months plus accounting, plus the stinky old cat still resides here. The pet is easily honestly lovable, but not particularly smart. It’s a pitbull mix who is black plus lovable, plus honestly cuddly plus friendly. They’re only happens to be a single complication with the animal, which is the fact that it’s not neutered. The animals been residing here for a long while, plus it’s honestly beginning to start sending the things around our residence. I don’t suppose what to do, but I’m honestly feeling aggravated with the entire situation. My residence smells saver pet marking, plus I consistently clean up the floors. I’ve had to iron plus clean up the multiple curtains, on multiple separate occasions. The worst day was honestly yesterday, when the heating plus air conditioning device stopped working. We were sitting around our residence waiting for the heating plus air conditioning repair guy, plus our residents just continue to get warmer plus warmer. Without our heating plus air conditioning device to honestly help, our entire residence saver a disgusting pet shelter. I was truly embarrassed to have the heating plus air conditioning repair technician in our residence.