I can’t imagine it

Because I grew up with a pretty messed up family and financial situation, I know that I grew up without experiencing a ton of pretty normal kid activities. There are times that I get really down about this, especially when I’m in a crowd of humans who grew up with more privileges than I did, but then sometimes I feel like this was for the better. This is especially the case when it comes to camping. As a child I never got to go camping, not a single time. While the kids at school talked about it with great excitement, I never understood what that outdoorsy experience was really like. As an adult, however, I’m totally fine with staying ignorant to the perks and downfalls of that whole ordeal. You see, I really enjoy being able to stay inside with the conveniences of modern technology, including the internet, lighting, plumbing, and my beloved HVAC system. There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling slightly uncomfortable and being able to readily resolve the issue with the click of a button on the thermostat. I love hearing the furnace and air conditioner kick into gear, and feeling the perfectly treated hot or cold air flowing straight from the air vents and washing over my body. I know I can’t get that on demand temperature control from nature, and I don’t want to spend a weekend freezing or sweating my butt off in a tent. I’d much rather stay at home and enjoy my incredible central heating and cooling system while I gaze at the woods out my window.

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