Why is the house hot despite the AC being on?

Isaac arrived home one Spring evening and observed the house was warm, then it was almost Summer, and the location was already getting warmer, then he made up his mind to open up the pool the following afternoon.

He knew the guys would savor the beginning, taking a deep interest once they came to stay with him while I was in the middle of Summer holiday.

The swimming pool was not in the best state, so Isaac made a mental note to call the cleaner after removing the cover. As he walked around the house, he felt too tepid and decided to turn on the A/C. The last time it was on was a couple of weeks into Spring when there was still a chill in the air. He flipped on the switch and changed the settings to cool mode, however nothing happened. He thought the heating and A/C component was not linked, however that was not the case. Isaac realized something was wrong with the cooling component in his home. He felt a sense of relief. Isaac was noticing the issue before Summer was in full swing. The following afternoon, he phoned the AC company in the town for assistance. Isaac had not called an heating and A/C mechanic to his house to repair the system. He knew that was a mistake and actually the reason the heating and A/C plan was not working. The AC serviceman got to his house in the afternoon and began his inspection. There were 2 things wrong with the cooling system, but first, the temperature control had some faulty wires, which affected its communication with the AC. Second, the AC component had a clogged air filter. The dirt, lint, and hair would not permit air to flow freely into the house.