Panic as AC leaks some fluid

Ariel had been entirely working at the farm all summer, and there was so much to do, plus it all made sense why her dad had been skeptical about her visit, then Ariel refused to go on getaway plus wanted to visit her Grandparents. They lived in the countryside plus had a large farm. The farm grew lots of crops plus kept many animals. Ariel was particularly fond of the lambs plus spending time at the farm shop, and it was her responsibility to open in the morning plus close in the night, but one morning, Ariel came into the farm shop as proper plus began her bi-weekly chores. The first thing she did was turn on the cooling system to make the section cool for all customers, however, as she was getting near the indoor unit, she noticed some water on the floor. It seemed the water was coming from inside the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. Immediately Ariel called her Grandpa to let him know something was wrong with the A/C equipment at the shop! Her Grandpa did not waste any time plus connected with the A/C supplier in a nearby town. They had an Heating, Ventilation and A/C service program to service plus service the A/C equipment whenever there was an issue. Ariel had to wait at the shop for the A/C mechanic to arrive plus service the cooling unit. By the time his van was pulling up, there were already customers at the shop. Ariel apologized for the heat plus assured them an A/C serviceman was on their way to resolve the problem. The A/C mechanic found out the Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment had a clogged drainage pipe which he had to unclog.


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