Road trip with great HVAC during and after all those miles

It was as though I was going back in time.

I felt like a traveling salesman from the 50’s or something.

But the fact that I had to travel to keep my business afloat meant that I had to become like a traveling salesman from a bygone era. I had to shut the office due to the pandemic. There is a staff of 11 people, including myself, who then had to do without all that zone controlled HVAC comfort. It was off to work in the air conditioning safety of home for everyone. However, a big part of what I do is travel to all the different markets to personally work onsite. This couldn’t stop just because I wasn’t comfortable traveling on airplanes even with masks and HEPA filters. So it was nothing left to do but load up the car, hit the air conditioning and hit the road. Honestly, traveling the interstates and highways was preferable in some ways to flying. Certainly the heating and cooling was far more consistent. It just took longer to get to all the places I needed to get to. And that left it so I was out on the road for 2 and 3 weeks at a time. It was just like the traveling salesman of old. However, I bet I scored much better heating and cooling than the guy did way back then. I made the discovery that the best quality heating and air came at the hotels using the big wall air conditioning units. Those things always kept the cooling coming during the summer and were perfect with the heating needs during the winter.