My car and hotel room HVAC works great

It was as though I was going back in time.

I felt like a traveling salesman from the 50’s or something.

I had to travel to keep my business afloat and it made me feel like I was a traveling salesman from the old days. Unfortunately, I had to shut my business office down because of the pandemic. I have a staff of 11 people including myself and we all had to transition to working from home in the comfort of our own HVAC. But, I couldn’t work from home because a big part of what I do requires me to travel. I travel to different markets and work on site. This couldn’t stop just because I wasn’t comfortable traveling on airplanes even with masks and HEPA filters. So, I decided to load up the car, turn on the car’s AC and hit the road. Actually, traveling on the road was much more enjoyable than traveling on an airplane. The heating and cooling was more consistent and comfortable, but the downfall was that it took so long to get where I needed to go. Sometimes, I’d be out on the road for 2-3 weeks at a time. It made me feel like I was working back in the old days. However, I bet I scored much better heating and cooling than the guys did way back then. I made the discovery that the best quality heating and air came at the hotels using the substantial wall air conditioning units. Those things always kept the cooling coming during the summertime and were perfect with the heating needs during the Winter season.


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