The roles of men and women

When I was younger, times were a lot different than today. It was odd to see a woman doing a blue collar job like plumber, electrician, or HVAC carrier. If women wanted to learn more about these types of careers, they had to read books and pamphlets. When I started working for my HVAC company, we only hired females for the bookkeeping jobs and the secretary jobs. Over three decades, the gender roles have changed and more women are seen in these types of industry jobs and careers. Our company has more than 500 employees, and we have the highest female to male ratio in all of the southeast region. Last year alone, we hired twenty woman to work in our HVAC shops as repair technicians. Things certainly have changed over the last thirty years, and I’m glad that they have. I have two daughters who look forward to joining our HVAC business one day. I want them to know they can achieve any dream. Thirty years ago, they wouldn’t have had that opportunity at all. When my business partner and I wanted to do something great for the community, we started a special scholarship program for young women who want to join the HVAC technical college in our area. It’s a five thousand dollar scholarship and a paid internship at one of our HVAC shops. We want to continue changing the way that our society views the roles of men and women. My daughters will join the company in a few years, and I want them to feel proud of the place they work and proud of me, too.  

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