I bought a share in a home and I'm happy I did

If I waited to save enough money for my own house, I would still be waiting.

I would probably still be waiting 5-10 years from now too.

I noticed that the price of homes is rising faster than my job salary and being a social worker, the odds of me making enough money are really slim. If I wanted to get out of paying rent and own something, I was going to have to get creative. So, what I did was joined together with two couples to buy a share in a home. The house is three floors and fits everyone’s needs perfectly. It was older so we had some upgrades to do which included the Heating and A/C. Since we were having to upgrade the old Heating and A/C unit anyway, we thought we’d go with a ductless multi split heating and cooling plan instead. This would mean putting in 2 ductless heat pumps on each floor making each zone a separate living space. The only common space was the kitchen and living room and we put a ductless heat pump in there as well. This Heating and A/C plan has worked out quite well. We all have our own thermostats so we don’t have to find one thermostat setting for all of our needs. Plus, we are able to separate our power bills when it comes to the ductless heat pump use. This makes it easier to divy up our power bill. I’m so glad to be creating equity and not just flushing funds on rent. The fact that I own our Heating and A/C unit is actually exciting for me.


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