Being too distracted made me miss the thermostat settings

Throughout the whole ride home, I was feeling anxious and annoyed at the same time.

My boss had rejected my proposal and instructed me to do it again.

The issue was he ordered me to hand in the new proposal early the next morning. That was such little time to handle such changes and deliver them without any mistakes. For the umpteenth time, I thought about quitting my job and taking time to rest. I got home and felt the atmosphere was too cold. This made me more irritable because I was sure I left the AC system working. It didn’t dawn on me to check both the thermostat and indoor unit. In my distracted mode, I got my phone and called the HVAC company near me. I did not realize I was yelling until the other person asked me to calm down. I did a little and requested they send someone over since my HVAC unit was not working. The person I spoke to told me an AC mechanic would come by soon. I heard someone ringing my doorbell half an hour later while working on my laptop. It was the AC mechanic who greeted me with a smile. I directed him to the indoor unit and thermostat and did not wait around to learn the problem. A few minutes later, I felt the cold air coming in from the vents and wondered how fast the mechanic must be. He came around and told me there was no issue with the AC. It was set on ‘Auto’ instead of ‘ON’, which is the reason it stopped cooling the house. I had been too distracted to realize this when I got home.

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