The dirty condenser unit was hindering proper HVAC performance

Jason left for the summer vacation early one morning after taking time off work.

He felt too burnt out and needed to get away as soon as possible. He did not give his boss a chance to call him in for one issue or another. After getting his two weeks leave approved, he packed his bags and left for the lake house. The lakehouse belonged to his grandfather, who had left it to Jason and his sister. She was out of the country and did not intend to use it any time soon. This was the perfect place for Jason to disconnect and do some therapeutic fishing alone. He arrived at the lakehouse hours later and had to do some light cleaning first. It was hot, so Jason went straight to the HVAC system and turned it on after working the breaker system. But, the AC did not power on as it had done before. Jason had a feeling this would happen and got a hold of the AC professional who ran a small repair business in town. The AC professional was occupied and only managed to get to the lake house hours later. He did a thorough investigation of the AC system and noted the condenser system was the reason it wasn’t working. No one had cleaned out the component in a long time. It had leaves, dirt, sticks and other debris clogging. No air could flow past all that into the house, so the HVAC professional had to clean it out. Jason knew proper HVAC maintenance was crucial and decided to contact the HVAC professional often to sort out the system.
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