There was a hissing noise from the AC when Alex turned it on

Alex had little choice but to go to the business conference.

Her boss was adamant that she was the best company representative.

Alex tried to talk and even negotiate her way out of it. Her main issue was she was not a big fan of the hot weather. But there was no convincing her employer in any way. So, she reluctantly got on the plane and went to the island resort for two weeks. Alex got back and was so happy to see her house after getting a cab from the airport. She got home and turned on the AC system since it was chilly. Nothing happened. Alex checked the breaker, but it wasn’t tripped. So, she tried switching on the HVAC system once more, and she could hear a hissing noise. The system was on but could not blow hot air into the house. Alex guessed the hissing noise was an indication something was wrong with the heating system. She did not want to spend the night without AC and called the HVAC company for assistance. Alex had 24-hour AC emergency service with them and only had to wait half an hour for an AC expert to arrive. The AC expert found some cracks on the refrigerant lines, which caused a leak. That’s why the AC was making a hissing noise when Alex turned it on. The AC expert managed to fix the refrigerant lines and charge the system with extra refrigerant. Alex paced up and down the house, trying not to get in the professional’s way but feeling cold. All she wanted was the heating system to warm her increasingly frigid home.


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