We forgot to do the annual HVAC maintenance and paid for it last winter

I must admit I was the reason we took so long to get back home. My boyfriend and I had started our road trip late because I could not get time off work until late summer. We decided to wait until then and enjoy our trip in autumn. It was so much more enjoyable since there were fewer people at different sites we wanted to see. The trip went well, and we borrowed his dad’s RV, which had an excellent setup, including a robust air conditioning system. Winter was only about a week away by the time we got home, and some parts were already reporting snow. No one remembered we had not called the AC team to service our system when we turned it on. The evenings were getting colder, so we had to rely on the HVAC unit to stay warm. However, we left the heating system on all day when the snow came. One afternoon, I came back home early because I was not feeling well. We had left the HVAC system working, but I was greeted by a chill when I walked into the house. It seemed the HVAC unit had stopped working that morning. I got my phone and called the AC business in the area. We’d had a maintenance plan with them for some time, and I was reminded we missed our HVAC maintenance appointment in the fall. The AC professional managed to come to the house before business hours were over and found the AC was not working because of a dirty air filter. The air filter was old, and I requested that he change it and set up a HEPA filter, which was much better.

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