Mercy learned different ways she could save energy when using the AC

Mercy was not sure about what her father was suggesting.

But she knew better than to try and convince him otherwise.

Mercy’s dad had had enough of living alone after her mom passed away. He wanted to go to a retirement home and asked Mercy to sell the house. The money she got was to buy a place of her own in the city where she worked and pay for his stay at the centre. Mercy agreed after doing some thinking and acted as fast as she could. Her dad was getting on with age, and she did not feel comfortable with him living all alone. She found a realtor who got her a house in a wonderful locale. The house was modern with excellent features, including a new AC system. The HVAC unit was sufficient in keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter. But, once Mercy moved in, she noticed an issue with the energy bill. It seemed the AC system had to use lots of energy in winter and summer to keep the space comfortable. But in doing so, Mercy had to part with so much money to cater for the electricity. Mercy began doing some research on how to keep the space comfortable without relying completely on the AC. One solution she got was to get window films installations as soon as possible. This would make it easier to keep the space cool in summer without needing heavy drapes. In addition, Mercy had an AC professional come and insulate parts of the house to prevent heat loss in winter. The third solution was to get a house fan that would work in both seasons to circulate conditioned air all over the house. That way, Mercy left the AC on low and still felt comfortable.

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