We were torn between getting window AC units or a central AC system

The new house was complete, and everyone in the family was excited.

My siblings could not wait to check out their new rooms and constantly fought about who got what.

As the oldest, I got to pick first, and my space even came with an ensuite bathroom. It took a few more weeks for the contractor to hand over the house. He still had to oversee the window film installation and ensure the pavements were dry. When the handing over took place, we were there eagerly waiting to explore the new house. My parents still had one last decision to make before things came from storage. They were not sure about the most effective air conditioning system for such a house. Mom wanted window AC units in all the rooms, while dad saw a central AC system as the most effective. The two went at it and saw no end in sight. Instead, they had to ask for an HVAC professional to intervene. The HVAC professional patiently listened to mom and dad’s idea of the right way to cool and warm the house. After some time, he gave them the pros and cons of both systems. It was clear from the information the HVAC professional provided them. The right unit was a central cooling and heating AC. Though the window AC systems were cheaper, they had to buy so many for the different rooms. It was cheaper to set up the air vents and install a central AC to serve the whole house efficiently. Mom knew she had to accept the information, and dad promised her she could decorate their room as she pleased when we moved in.

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