Saving a lot of money on the energy bills with this new HVAC upgrade

I honestly just went to the HVAC store to see about getting a new thermostat. I had heard about the smart thermostats and how they could save you a lot of money on the energy bills. Well, when I went to the HVAC store, I got help right away. The HVAC worker was telling me about the different smart thermostats and gave me advice on which ones that I might like. I didn’t necessarily need anything fancy, I just wanted to save money on the energy bills. He said if I was really serious about saving money, I would go for a modern HVAC system that was highly energy efficient. He asked if I owned my own in which I replied that I did. He had me check out one of their new ductless mini split models. He spoke about the system with pride. He said it had a SEER rating of 24 which is impressively high. He told me how this system has built-in air purification so I wouldn’t have to spend a great deal of money on a fancy air purifier for my home. Also, I would save a lot of money because it was a smart HVAC system. I would be able to put the system in learning mode to learn my preferred temperature control settings, but of course, a smart thermostat would do the same thing. When I learned that this fancy ductless mini split was on sale, I considered getting it. I finally thought what the hell, and went for it. Now I have this amazing smart HVAC system in my home, when I only meant to go for a smart thermostat. I think it was well worth the investment though because I am saving so much money on my energy bills now!

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