Matt required an energy efficient electric furnace in winter

Matt went to live in a new lake house and the first thing he did was contact the Heating & A/C company to inspect his electric furnace.

The furnace technician told Matt that the electric furnace was on its last left so he must consider buying another one.

The tech explained that with such an outdated electric furnace, Matt would pay high electric bills and there was nothing as vital as having an effective heating system in winter. The tech told Matt to consider choosing a dual-fuel system. The system he had in mind was a combination electric furnace plus ductless mini split. The ductless mini split delivers more cooling in the summer time and is drastically energy efficient. The moment temperatures started to drop in the fall season, Matt would be able to use the heating from the ductless mini split down to approximately 40 degrees. The moment it was cooler than that, the electric furnace would take over. This was the best energy efficient way to keep the lake house perfectly comfortable. Matt thought it sounded ideal, therefore he went for the update. The new system was expensive but since Matt wanted to be comfortable in the lake house, he thought it was a fantastic choice to make. Matt has now been here for quite some time using this idea and he really likes it. Even his girlfriend moved in and she regularly tells him how it’s the best weather conditions control idea ever.

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