Grandpa and grandma opted to replace the aging HVAC unit

Grandpa and grandma relocated to a new property and immediately got in touch with an AC specialist to check out the furnace.

The specialist informed them that the furnace was failing and they should consider a replacement.

She said with such an aged furnace, grandpa and grandma would have extravagant heating bills and there was little else as crucial as having an effective heating method in the Wintertime around there. The specialist said they should consider going for a dual-fuel system. The system she had in mind was a combination furnace and ductless mini split. The ductless mini split would provide plenty of cooling in the Summer and was pretty energy efficient. When the temperatures started to drop in the fall season, they would be able to use the heating from the ductless mini split down to approximately 35 degrees. When it became cooler than that, the furnace would take over and this was the most energy efficient process of keeping the property perfectly comfortable. Grandpa and grandma thought it sounded amazing and so they went for the new system. It did cost them a lot of money. But, since they wanted to be comfortable in their home, they thought it was an enjoyable option to make. Grandpa and grandma have now been here for a few years using this system and they really love it. They now even have a few cousins living with them and they constantly tell our grandparents how it’s the best weather conditions control method they’ve come across.

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