When the A/C broke, it got absurdly overheated in the kitchen

My family and I own an Italian eating establishment.

The two of us have dining and choice up services and delivery.

Our greatest seller by far is the brick oven pizza. The two of us keep 2 drivers on hand every night just for the pizza deliveries. The two of us also give any other menu items including pasta, protein, and salads. The two of us recently had a problem with the A/C in the kitchen. It caused a lot of problems for the eating establishment staff, then my kid was toiling in the kitchen that night and he called me at lake home when the A/C broke down. It was 90 degrees inside of the kitchen, even with the back door propped open. I got into the car and drove down to the eating establishment. It was extremely overheated and actually uncomfortable in the kitchen. I tried a couple of peculiar things that I hoped would service the problem, although I was not successful. I called the commercial service service, however they could not help me out until the end of company that day. I stayed with my kid to help in the kitchen that night and the people I was with and I were actually busy. The two of us rarely sell $1000 in food on a Monday night, however it was raining and most people must have been thinking about pizza and pasta. The service supplier was pulling into the parking lot as the last few shoppers were leaving the building. Thankfully, the A/C problem did not require expansive repairs that were lavish. The problem was fixed that evening and everything was back to normal the next day for our day and brunch service.
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