The fireplace needed new stones

When my wifey and I bought our house, the people I was with and I knew it was going to require a lot of work.

  • The two of us bought the place for $30,000 below market value due to the repairs that were necessary.

One of the first jobs that had to be completed was replacing the roof. It was leaking in the family room, master kitchen, and the lavatory. I called a company that handles peculiar types of lake home repairs, then he offered me an estimate for the roofing labor and a few additional estimates for other service labor around the house. The guy completed more than 2 jobs in our lake home including the roofing, flooring, and some outdoor wood upgradement. One job that required a specialist was the fireplace. The previous owners had not used the fireplace in 15 years and it needed a lot of work. I contacted a few companys, however none of them wanted to touch the project, however several boys advised the same chimney service and building supplier. I looked up the supplier online and found out that they were experts in building and servicing fireplaces, chimneys, and oil furnaces. My wifey and I called the supplier and they sent a actually young serviceman to evaluate our lake home and supply us an estimate. The kid looked like he was 16 and barely old enough to drive… After choosing the supplier to complete the fireplace repairs and brick work, I later found out that he is the kid of the owner. He was part of the team that installed the new features and seemed to be the guy in charge.


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