Home air conditioning and my work schedule

When many of my colleagues were transitioning to working remotely instead of in the zone controlled HVAC of the office, many reached out to me.

This is due to the fact that I actually have been working remotely from home for the past 5 years.

This was something I took advantage of when the company was offering incentives to those willing to work from home. It actually worked out better for me and my schedule to be at home. My job is one that I don’t really need to be in the zone controlled HVAC of the office. I have projects and deliverables that I simply have to turn in. The only thing I go to the office for is for mandatory, in person meetings. My schedule is pretty much up to me as to how I get the work done. And I like that. I like the fact that I can get up really early and get to work. This allows me to sort of change things up once it starts getting hot. In our house, we keep the thermostat in the low 80’s during the summer season in an effort to save on HVAC cooling costs. And it works. Still there is an hour or two where it does get really warm in my office. Thankfully, I’m able to take that time to pick up kids and transport them around. Plus, I do my errands then as well. This allows me to be either in the air conditioning of my car or in the great HVAC cooling of stores. When I get home, I wrap up my day in my office and move on.



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