Air purification completely transforms our indoor air

It’s like living in a new house almost

There were a few things that were good about 2020. Working from home in the air conditioning instead of at the office with that sweet zone controlled HVAC wasn’t one of them. But, I managed and figured out just how to work remotely for just over a year. I don’t think I’ll complain about going into the office anymore though. No the only really good things that came out of our pandemic year were related to home and health. My husband and I chose to commit to diet and exercise consistently. We simply started by making sure that we got out of the air conditioning a couple of times a day for a walk. That led to more changes and adding to our fitness level. Well, that focus on health led us to discovery air purification. And discovering air purification actually resulted in two major changes in our home. First, with the whole home air purification system the HVAC company installed, the air quality is about the best you can find. So this is great for our health and immune response as well as good indoor air quality is essential to both. But we also now have the best smelling indoor air we’ve ever experienced. The days of plug ins and deodorizers are over. With the whole home air purification system, the air smells wonderful. It’s like living in a new house almost. Between the health benefits and the wonderful smelling air, air purification was just the answer that we were looking for. I would highly recommend to anyone that they look into air purification for their home and health.
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