HVAC filter change can change indoor air quality

Since I was stuck at home in the air conditioning of my house all of last year, I decided it would be a good time to focus on my health.

This is a topic I have avoided for years.

But there just wasn’t much more time for me to ignore it any longer. That’s mainly because if I didn’t get more fit now, I don’t think it would have happened. I’m in my early fifties so, it’s not like I had a ton of time to get busy getting more fit and healthy. Since I couldn’t eat out and was cooking from home, I changed my diet first. This was a great first step that I followed up with some exercise. That started with getting out of the air conditioning a couple of times a day for walks and exercise. This too, I really went with. Suddenly, I was actually getting more fit and healthy. This coincided with me learning how important indoor air quality is to one’s health. Poor indoor air quality results in airborne contaminants constantly attacking the respiratory system. This forces the immune system to work overtime which diminishes the immune response. But I also found out that a simply change to my HVAC air filter could make a world of difference in my indoor air quality. So I got rid of the cheap, paper HVAC air filters and replaced them with HEPA filters. They are able to trap and remove more than 99 percent of the indoor air hazards. So a year later, I’m more healthy than I’ve been in decades. Much of that is also attributed to good indoor air quality thanks to the HEPA filter.
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