Securing the HVAC equipment

I grew up in this region.

But where I grew up was just about an hours drive from where I live now.

However, they both share the smaller community you see in many rural areas across the country. When I was a kid, my parents didn’t even lock the front door. In fact, my dad left the keys in the ignition of his truck. Fast forward 4 or 5 decades and I’m locking my front door. And I’m locking down the HVAC equipment as well. Perhaps we were just to naive way back then. But crime was very rare where I grew up so I guess the feeling of safety wasn’t just a total illusion. Yet, I’m under zero illusions these days. I lock everything and all the time. This is because theft is pretty prevalent these days in just about every community. Leave a bike outside overnight and you’re likely not to see it again. That’s where we get to the locking up of the HVAC equipment. I’m talking about all the HVAC components inside the HVAC cabinet outside next to the house. Thieves are now targeting the HVAC cabinets to steal from. Are they after the expensive heating and cooling components inside the HVAC cabinet? One would think but no, it’s the copper fittings used in heating and cooling that these smash and grab people are after. It’s hard to believe that I actually have a reinforced cage locked down over the HVAC cabinet. But those are the days we live in I suppose.

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