Helpful heads up from the HVAC proves so useful

There aren’t too many people I do business with that I actually know anymore.

It’s just so weird that technology has pretty much made doing business a faceless, nameless proposition. But at least my HVAC company is one service where I still know the people and they know me. I have counted on my HVAC company for a quarter of a century now. They were there when we first bought this house. The seller wouldn’t upgrade the HVAC equipment so we had to do it. But we negotiated so well on that point that it basically paid us to do the HVAC unit replacement on our own. My HVAC company took such great care of us that first time that I’ve always stayed with them. We belong to their HVAC service plan and have since they came out with it. Part of the plan is season HVAC maintenance. And all that maintenance has really paid off. It was just this past fall that we got the heads up from the HVAC technician that our HVAC unit was not going to be around too much longer. That heads up was essential because we were able to prepare for this eventuality instead of dealing with a crisis. I can’t say I was shocked given the fact that the HVAC unit has been cranking right along for the past quarter of a century. Still, being able to plan and meet with the HVAC contractor to understand all the changes in residential HVAC was just so key. We were able to replace the HVAC unit prior to summer and have been just totally enamored with the new HVAC technology in our home.



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