Don’t trust HVAC repair to anyone but the HVAC professionals

When the economy tanks, it signals the time to trim our spending.

And so last year was a whole lot about figuring out which household costs to shed and which were actually essential.

My wife and I were both forced to take pay cuts in order to keep our jobs and work from the air conditioning of home during the pandemic. And it was that air conditioning that we took dead aim at when it came to cutting our costs. Where we live, the summer is super hot and HVAC cooling is the big reason we can even manage this sort of heat. But we are a bit guilty of just setting the thermostat during the summer and leaving it. So last summer, we were very focused on making sure that we kept the thermostat setting in the low 80’s during the heat of the day. It wasn’t the best to work in but the money we saved sure helped. And it’s ironic as well that we saved money on the HVAC cooling because we ended up with an HVAC problem in the fall. The HVAC technician came out to do the heating maintenance as part of the HVAC service plan. That’s when he discovered a part that needed to be replaced. We used the money we saved to pay for that HVAC repair. And we didn’t even consider trying to find a handyman or some sort of unlicensed HVAC repair option just to save money. Heating and cooling are just too essential to our lives to trust to anyone other than an HVAC professional.

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