HVAC bliss for my wife

There are some people who are more sensitive than others. This is something that I think is coming to the fore more and more. But in a good way. I’m glad to see that people who are more sensitive speak up for themselves. I think our culture is all too eager to demean people who aren’t quite as geared to societal demands. And I hope to see changes continue. In our home, I have a very temperature sensitive spouse. This is something that can be really tough for my wife to deal with. Just the slightest change in temperature can cause her to get really cold or overheated. She’s not picky or precious. The lady is just really, really sensitive when it comes to HVAC settings. She has a space heater under her desk at work and she has a variety of layers she can add or shed while at the office. At home, it was a bit tougher because different parts of the house might me a bit different in temperature. But I was able to cure this with the help of the HVAC company. We were able to have an HVAC professional augment our HVAC equipment to produce zone controlled HVAC in our home. Now, there are six independent thermostats that she can completely customize to her sensitivity. I’m so glad that HVAC technology has changed residential HVAC in this way. It brings a smile to my face to see my wife so comfortable wherever she is in the house thanks to zone controlled HVAC.

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