The HVAC worker was trying to rip me off

When I started experiencing issues with the air conditioner appliance last week, I wanted to get a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional out in a jiffy to take a look at the setback.

The issue I was having wasn’t anything too serious, the air conditioner appliance just was not blowing any cool air.

My partner was going to manage the arrival of the cooling professional originally, however then he had some crucial stuff that came up at his job and so he asked me if we could reschedule the appointment with the heating and A/C appliance dealer. However, I didn’t have the wish to reschedule and so instead I told him that I would take care of everything on my own. The cooling specialist arrived on a Wednesday precisely as planned and when he arrived he went straight to look at the heating and A/C appliance. He spent several minutes briefly looking it over and he didn’t take anything apart in the slightest. He then told me I needed a huge amount of work done on it and started listing costly prices for each thing he named. I honestly didn’t agree with him and was certain he was trying to charge myself and others for services that were not even needed. It caused a fight that ended with me having him leave my dwelling. I later got a different opinion from another Heating, Ventilation, and A/C provider and was told my A/C appliance was wonderful and all it needed was a little amount of freon to make the air cool again. I know that the previous professional assumed I would believe anything he told me and I would pay him whatever he wanted to charge me. It didn’t work on me but I do have freezing air again.


a/c rep