I need something a little better

Numerous weeks ago, every one of my friends decided to take advantage of me. It wasn’t a bad thing at first, because every one of my friends needed someone to sit for their dog for numerous weeks. Every one of my friends was having some remodeling done to their own beach apartment, as well as needed to equally stay at their parents beach apartment for numerous weeks. Since my best girls mom was allergic to dogs, every one of my friends asked us to keep their pit bull in my beach apartment for that time. The Pitbull, whose name is Archer, is almost the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life. He is equally as smart as well as lovable, as well as very cuddly and friendly. The first few weeks weren’t very bad, but Archer has been displaying a some terrible Behavior as of late. Every one of my friends did not have Archer neutered, as well as he is starting to mark his territory in our beach apartment. Everyone of us have spent numerous days trying to clean up the beach apartment, while Archer marks the curtains, the carpet, and the doors. The worst part was this morning when our heating as well as A/C component was being serviced. The heating as well as A/C component was off for an hour, as well as it was equally disgusting to smell archer in the air. Our entire beach apartment smelled like numerous dogs had been equally living there for a long time. As soon as the A/C component was fixed, we put a new air filter in the component as well as cleaned our air vents.

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