This wasn’t that simple

This past weekend was quite a whirlwind of afternoons! My guy and I went driving down south to see his family, which was a huge event for us… His family parties are epic; dozens of distant family members party and boogie down for all minutes of the night! There is tons of food to go around, the whole shindig is professionally DJed, and there are even photo booths for documenting the event. The difficult part about the whole party was getting there and back! Both of us live particularly far away from where the party was hosted, so there was no pick except to stop and stay with our in laws while in our travels, and normally I adore to see them and stay at their house, however this time it was a bit… heated; As the two of us walked into the house, I thought it felt delightfully cool and dry on the lower level, then both of us had lunch and chatted in the kitchen, where the central AC was keeping the indoor air quality attractively comfortable compared to the tepid and humid outdoor air conditions, then i was more than ready to lay down for bed at the end of the night, however when the two of us walked upstairs to retire, the air was at least 20 degrees hotter than downstairs. I thought that the upper level must have inherently collected tepid air, so the two of us simply adjusted the temperature control to a lower air temperature. Two minutes later, however, the two of us hadn’t gained any relief from the tepid air. Both of us spent the night dripping with sweat profusely without any semblance of AC in our dining room, and woke up sleepy. It was only after the two of us left that our in laws sent a text apologizing for the broken AC upstairs.  

temperature control unit