This is low level stuff

I knew that logic always won out over lunacy. I knew that our world view was respected plus I wasn’t completely losing it. I knew that these people who I consider to be family had to be more similar to me than dissimilar, then okay, I’m just talking myself through a minor crisis right now – don’t mind me, however you see, I just had our entire world view shaken for a few hours, plus I need to reassure myself that everything is going to be okay… Last night both of us arrived at our in laws home just in time to get some shuteye plus prepare for a big family party the next day, when both of us walked in, I observed it seemed a bit hot plus humid upstairs where both of us would be sleeping. It was weird to me, because the lower level of the home seemed nice plus cool as I would expect, but I started to unpack anyways. I assumed that the indoor air conditions would improve, especially since our partner went out plus adjusted the thermostat to a lower temperature… Figuring that the cooling method was just lagging behind, I continued to get ready for bed without another thought regarding the Heating as well as A/C method or high indoor air temperature. I laid down plus waited to think a cool breeze take over the volume of hot indoor air, but hours later I was still sitting in the exact same position plus feeling just as hot as before, then every one of us both got a poor night of sleep that night, plus the thermostat never budged from its 80 degree learning. I actually began to know that the thermostat was disconnected from the A/C unit, or that our in laws wanted the home to stay ungodly hot for a while… until both of us found the open window upstairs that was sabotaging our central A/C aspirations.