I planned for the upgrade

I have been researching modern gas furnaces, because I plan to replace the heating system in my home.  My current furnace is well over twenty years old, and no longer reliable. Every winter, I am faced with at least one malfunction, and the cost of repairs is starting to add up.  The heating unit was not exceptionally energy efficient when it was new. Now that it’s experienced years of wear and tear, my heating bills are costing me a fortune. The furnace runs for much longer cycles and yet has difficulty keeping up with demand.  On especially cold, winter nights, my house is a bit chilly. Rather than be faced with the sudden failure of my furnace during a blizzard, I’d like to handle the replacement project over the summer. This would allow plenty of time to choose the perfect model, and my family would not be inconvenienced and left without heat.  Modern furnaces are now capable of achieving AFUE ratings up to 98%. This is because of an advanced technology which allows the equipment to automatically adjust its speed to the demands of the home. Rather than blast at maximum capacity until reaching the thermostat setting and then completely shutting down, today’s heating systems operate at much lower speeds for longer cycles.  This eliminates unpleasant temperature fluctuation and optimizes energy efficiency. Plus, these furnaces are much quieter and include superior safety features. I plan to invest a significant amount of money and take advantage of all the innovative options, such as zoned control. It would be so helpful to be able to control each room of the house independently. Family members could individualize the temperature settings in their bedroom, and I wouldn’t get stuck paying to heat empty rooms.  

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