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Sadly, I have found myself in need of a good defense attorney.  I got myself in a real terrible financial situation, and I stupidly stole some personal bank account info from a good pal of mine when I went to visit him.  Don’s checkbook was in clear view, so I helped myself, plus now I’m talking with an expensive defense attorney. Actually, this defense attorney is not as bad as others I’ve talked to.  It is not simple finding legal help from online sources. I’ve never found myself in this type of thing before, on the other side of the law, so I have no clue on all of the legal matters, plus  I had to find the least expensive guy for my defense that I could. The ad for that defense attorney is on many buses plus park benches, plus it did get myself to call them, so I think their advertising campaign really worked to their advantage.  My guy is a young man who works in a mid-size legal firm. The guy’s law firm represents people with many unusual legal troubles or wishes, such as real estate law, wills, estates plus divorces. In fact, that is a good reason, if I had a good one, as to why I am in need of a defense attorney.  Last year, I got a separation from my lady of over 10 years, plus I was taken through the bend by her own lawyer, I guess that if my own divorce lawyer had done as well for myself and others last year as her’s did, I really would never need one.

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