The air temperature

I know that I’m a bit of an extreme case, but it seems impossible to me that people are capable of sleeping in air temperatures higher than 70 degrees. It’s so mysterious to me that some humans are totally unaffected by being overheated and sweaty when they lay down to close their eyes at night. Personally, I can’t even imagine sleeping in a room that was warmer than 65 degrees or lacked proper circulation from fans. That’s why I find myself in this exact situation, setting up a makeshift bed in my living room so I can be closer to the window AC unit. See, we’re staying at my friend’s house this week, and his apartment is a bit old. It is lacking any central cooling system, since the whole building was built long before modern AC had been created. As such, my buddy has a large window AC unit in his living room, and one in his bedroom for his night time comfort. Though he has a spare bedroom, I am not able to use the space for any sort of relaxation. It is so hot and stale in there without any AC, and the little box fan he left for me does nothing except to blow hot air around. Instead of suffering every night and sweating sleeplessly, I am setting up camp in the middle of his living room to take advantage of the AC unit. It’s bright and I’m lacking privacy by being out here, but at least I can breath at night with this cooling system right behind my head.

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