Learning a lot

I learned a lot from being near my mom and following her around as she did various chores around the house.  She would pull a chair up to the sink for me as she washed the dishes so that I could help her rinse the plastic cups.  I followed her to the laundry room holding what clothes I could carry, where she showed me how to sort and wash clothes.  Whatever chore we had to perform together she always made it fun and entertaining. Even doing laundry was fun because we would watch one of my favorite cartoons as we folded clothes.  Now that I am a mom, I love showing my kids how to do things while we have fun performing the task and enjoying each others company. I even found a way to make cleaning the heating and air condenser unit fun.  I bought them their own little rakes that they could use to help me remove the leaves from around the air condenser. We piled the leaves high on the other side of the yard away from the HVAC condenser and began to jump in them.  We continued cleaning the condenser component of the heating and air system by using the water hose to spray the outside of the condenser to remove any dirt. Of course, anytime the water hose is involved in cleaning you are going to have some fun, even if it is cleaning your heating and air system.  My son loved playing in the water the most but my daughter loved it when we put on our tool belts to service the heating and air conditioner inside. We didn’t need them of course to change the furnace’s air filter but it did make it a lot more fun.