A summer without air conditioning

Growing up in a southern area, the heat was unbearable in the summer months. I remember after a few weeks of being on summer break, my mom would kick my brother and me outside to play to give her a break from our constant fighting or asking her for stuff. We didn’t have a pool to swim in so we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves. We rode our bikes a lot and played on the swingset under the shade of the big trees in our backyard. Sometimes we would go over to friend’s houses or the local pizza place to play video games and get out of the heat in their air conditioning. Usually though when it was time for lunch or we just couldn’t take the humidity anymore, we would eagerly rush inside our house to enjoy the nice, cool air conditioning there. The house was a bit older but thankfully still had an HVAC system. Cooling in the summer was a necessity! We would sit in the kitchen feeling the air conditioner blast down on us while trying to cool off. One summer, the air conditioner broke, but my mom said it would be too expensive to repair. You don’t realize how much you rely on a cooling system until you don’t have one anymore. We barely made it one day before my mom caved and called an HVAC technician to come fix it. I bet air conditioning repair is big business in the South! No one likes to sit around and sweat in their own house when they can be comfortable and cool in the AC. I was very grateful for the AC repairman that summer.

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