I have a lot more to do

I don’t know how many times now that I’ve had to have an HVAC company out to make repairs on my heating and cooling system. Within the past six months alone I’ve had to have someone out three times. My HVAC system isn’t old either! My wife and I bought the unit brand new about five years ago from the same company that does the repairs to our heating and cooling system. The fixes that we’ve had to deal with recently have all been minor, but the frequency of the problems has us concerned. The last time the HVAC company came out they told us we could think about doing more frequent maintenance checks on the system than we had been doing. They gave us the quote for it to consider, but we were thinking it would be a lot of time and effort to schedule that many appointments with the HVAC company because every time we do so, one of us needs to take off work so that we are home. It is very inconvenient, but we know that’s the nature of the beast. It wasn’t a big deal when we had maintenance appointments every six months or so, but if we had to up that to four a year or something like that, we would have to take off a lot more days at work. It just seemed like that wasn’t really an option for us. For now all we can do is see what happens and hope that whatever was going on has been fixed. We are really counting on the past six months being a fluke thing. Hopefully we can go back to what we were doing before with the maintenance and not have anymore problems.

HVAC tune-up