The damage is being done

The two of us have been trying to find a solution to solve our animal problems. The two of us agreed to care for a neighbor’s dog, when the neighbor had to leave in a hurry for a funeral. Since the two of us had seen Homer around the neighborhood, the two of us assumed it would be easy to care for Homer. Our neighbor has been gone for 3 weeks and still counting, and Homer is still a visitor in our affordable condo. The two of us have been enjoying our time with the adorable pitbull mix, but it’s clear that Homer is starting to miss being home. He has started chewing up our furniture and marking his urine scent on our curtains. It’s been very frustrating for the two of us, and that’s to say the least. A few days ago, the two of us were absolutely disgusted when the heating and cooling product broke down. The temperature in our affordable condo Rose rapidly, and the two of us could absolutely smell a great deal of dog urine in our carpets. The two of us had not realized there was such a terrible problem, until our Heating and Cooling products stopped working. The two of us have been trying to reach our neighbor, now that we know the damage that is being done. If our Heating and Cooling products had not broke down, there’s absolutely no way the two of us would have known how terrible the situation was. The two of us didn’t even want the technician to come inside, because the urine smell was so rampant.

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