A great father’s day

Today is Father’s Day.  My fiance is outside installing the air conditioner system into the kitchen window.  The temperature is supposed to be in the mid nineties, and the humidity is climbing. Both of us had to laugh, because the weather has been definitely gorgeous up until now.  Both of us had a cooler than average Springtime, and all of a abrupt both of us are being hit with a heat wave. I’m not looking forward to the next more than two days. Tropical humidity levels and mid to upper nineties is not my kind of weather.  I idea on being inside my home, the air conditioner blasting, and getting some long forgotten house work done. Maybe it is a great time to finally uproot my office, which isn’t much greater than a closet, and transport into the loft. My fiance has finally completed adding heating and air conditioner up there, and I will be going from an more than seven by numerous foot room, to a twenty-numerous by twenty foot room.  It will be amazing because I will have heat, air conditioner, and a TV, because it used to be the playroom for the youngsters. I’m excited, although I have a feeling that I will also be kind of lonely up there. My fiance has her lady cave in the basement, and I’ll be more than one floors above him. At least she won’t be as apt to run up more than one flights of stairs just to tell myself and others what she just learn in the helicopter forum.  I absolutely will not miss that, because I am so bored with hearing about remote control helicopters.

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