I feel as if I’m under a spell

Every year on my birthday, the kids get together for a huge birthday celebration. My birthday falls near father’s day every year, so everyone in the family meets at the local county park. They have a nice swimming pool and a great big play area for the little kids. This year was a really huge party, because my son was getting married the following week. We decided to have a huge party to celebrate my birthday, father’s day, and my son’s engagement. The morning of the party, the thermometer outside read 83 degrees. I was happy to feel a nice cool breeze outside. As the minutes ticked on, we got ready for the party. By eleven in the morning, the thermometer read 89 degrees. Everyone at the party looked miserable, and I was troubled by the relentless heat and humidity. We rented a pavilion, so the shade helped tremendously. Still, the humidity had us all dripping with sweat. I couldn’t stay at the party for very long. I was starting to feel flush. I went to sit in the car with the air conditioner on. The air conditioner felt really nice. I started to cool down with the air conditioner running on full blast. After a few moments, I saw my wife heading over to the car. I was sure she had caught on to my genius plan. She snuck in the car next to me, and we both enjoyed the cool air conditioning for a spell. When the kids started heading over to the car to investigate our whereabouts, we exited the car and headed back to the party.

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