Some older parts

My dad has always been a collector of items. Some people would call him a hoarder, but I like to use the word collector instead. When I was a kid, my dad worked on furnaces for spare money. During the day, my dad worked at an auto body shop. My dad was very skilled at fixing things, and he people would bring him broken items to fix. He started out fixing a friend’s furnace and ended up with a lucrative side business in furnace repair. Back in those days, you didn’t need a fancy license or certification to fix a furnace or air conditioner. Over the years, my dad collected a lot of old furnace parts and pieces. I think my dad liked to keep spare parts on hand, but it just ended up becoming a compulsion. Anytime we went to the flea market or a yard sale, my dad would scour the area for broken heater or furnace parts. When my dad finally passed away from a heart attack, my brother and I were shocked by the amount of furnace parts and pieces that my dad had stored in the shed out back. We made a few calls to the junkyard, and we even called a few furnace repair shops. We had a professional liquidator come help, so we could determine if anything had value. It turns out that my dad knew a little something, because he had collected almost $50,000 worth of antique furnace parts. Even after paying for everything to be in a local auction, we still managed to have plenty of money for the funeral and services.      

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