Putting my foot down

For the longest time, I have been trying to tell my husband that we need to have our HVAC system looked at. He is always trying to take care of all the household repairs on his own. I know it has been a long time since our HVAC equipment has been officially checked out, and I have noticed that the energy bills are really starting to climb. I feel this is a fairly clear indication that there is something wrong with our heating and cooling equipment. I wish that I were wrong, but it sure doesn’t seem that way. My husband basically said that he will take care of it on his own, which was exactly what I didn’t want to hear. When he said that he could take care of it, I basically told him that I seriously doubt that. I already told him how I feel about the rising energy bills, so this is basically going to be the last straw. If he wants to try to fix the heating and cooling system once more, I’ll give him that final try. If the energy bills keep going up however, I will be forced to put my foot down, and we will get professional HVAC maintenance right away! He sure seems to feel confident that there will be absolutely no problems, but I honestly just can’t see it. I do feel he is great at taking care of other less complicated things such as our plumbing and household appliances like the toaster. When it comes to HVAC maintenance though, I feel the professionals go to school for this for an obvious reason. You certainly wouldn’t want some random person to perform surgery on you, but you would want an experienced surgeon!