I have some tough choices

Whoever said poverty is a crime, was not wrong. It probably sounds a little extreme but what is the point of living if one is broke and miserable? Everybody needs to have their basic needs – food, clothing and shelter – supplied. However, in countries where temperatures can be extremely hot or cold, climate control readily becomes another basic need. So what happens when people are too poor to afford AC’s and furnaces? They suffer…or become super creative.

            I recently heard about a guy who always seemed to take pleasure in being behind bars. Everybody thought he was just shameless and incorrigible. When he got paroled last winter, the officer in charge of his case helped him find a part time job and he was doing quite well. He found himself a place to live and ,finally, there seemed to be hope for this guy after all. Then he lost the job .Before even trying to find another, he decided to attack somebody, right in front of a policeman.

           Shortly after his arrest, the real reason behind his latest felony  was exposed: He lived in a very cold climatic region and having lost his job, he knew he would no longer be able to afford an apartment with a proper furnace and adequate heating. It was the middle of winter, extremely cold, so he figured that returning to prison would be better than freezing to death! Having been in and out of prison for so long, he knew that correctional facilities have reliable heating plans, adequately serviced by HVAC professionals.

           What a choice to have to make!

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