Patching up the air ducts

I got to celebrate Father’s Day for the first time this year, and I couldn’t have been happier to add that notch to my belt. My wife and I have loved parenthood, and especially loved our little boy. Sure, there’s no shortage of obstacles when raising a baby, but that’s part of the fun! What would be the real joy in parenting if it isn’t challenging? One could say the same about most things worth having, honestly. A nice car, a rich education – even a reliable air conditioner takes work! Over Father’s Day weekend, my brother and I were finally confronted with a home repair task that I’d put off for months. Now, I had no choice but to fix it, and fix it today! Months ago, we had a bad storm that caused some rodents to take refuge in our attic. In the process, the rodents made use of the duct system to travel around the house, and they tore countless holes in the ducts! My brother and I spent hours going through every part of the ductwork that we could access, sealing holes and cuts where we could. After half the day was gone, my wife came home with our son and asked how the process was going. I climbed down the stairs after my brother, and as I was saying we thought it was all patched up, I turned around to a beautiful surprise. My wife stood with a to-go bag from my favorite restaurant, and asked if I was hungry. I’ve never said yes so quickly to anything! I’m just glad we got the ductwork patched up before then – it would’ve been lame to go right back to work after getting that burger in! As I ate it though, my wife made me swear I would have an HVAC technician come and perform a ductwork sealing and cleaning in the near future.

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