Let’s be nice and careful

A category 3 hurricane just swept through our whole region with amazing force… It was actually startling. A tree fell straight on our neighbor’s home plus we’ve been helping them to try to scrub up for the last couple afternoons. Luckily, our very own home is totally nice plus not a single tree fell down in our own yard… Everyone in our family is totally nice plus we’re just actually feeling so blessed and relieved to have made it through, however the worst thing for us now is that the power is out plus actually will be out for a month or 2 at this point. That means no air conditioner. It’s 100 plus degrees outside during the afternoon plus it’s pure freaking torture without a cooling system. There aren’t any nearby stores or public buildings that have power or an cooling system running to seek comfort right now either. The only way every one of us can get any relief from the hot afternoon sunshine without an air conditioner is to go to the nearby lake plus go swimming, of course, every one of us have to be extra super careful with the kids since there are undoubtedly alligators in these wild lakes. I can’t wait until the power comes back on. I am going to rest right in our home next to our air conditioner for afternoons after that, because before this hurricane, I had not realized how much every one of us absolutely rely every day on the air conditioner for comfort. There’s no way I would live in the deep south if air conditioners didn’t exist. I don’t’ suppose I can even deal without an air conditioner again this Summer! I’ve already had enough!