I know I want a heater

I thought I knew what cold was, but it turns out I had no understanding of the shock delivered by sub-zero temperatures. Where I grew up we had mild winters, except for I did not know that at the time. When you are a kid, all you know is what you experience so when it got down close to freezing I thought that was as cold as it could ever get. Turns out that what I believed to be cold is nothing compared to the weather we get up here in the winter. These days I keep a rudimentary heating source in the trunk of my car at all times, in case of an emergency during a coldsnap. I have a small bundle of kindling and a road flare in case I need to start a fire as a source of heating. I also keep a battery-powered space heater back there. This little heater is no bigger than a toaster oven, but it can keep a small area like the inside of a stalled car warm for several hours. That should give you an idea of how cold the winter gets here, because being caught out on the wrong night without a heater could spell your doom. I wish I was kidding, and I wish I was just trying to scare you into buying a heater, but it is true. The fact that I am a portable heater salesman should in no way influence your reading of this story. Because there is a valuable lesson here — always have a heater.

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