She loves her gardens

When my wife and I purchased a brand new property that we entirely love, she immediately wanted to get started with gardening! I wasn’t really big into working outside in gardens and certainly didn’t know much about plants, so I said that was all up to her to take care of everything. She really does a great job with her gardening work! She has so many different types of plants and flowers, and I must say it’s rather impressive. I don’t know how she stays out there in the heat for a majority of the day though. Personally, I prefer to stay indoors so I can enjoy our wonderful cooling system. Thinking about her being out in the heat all the time got me thinking though. I was thinking that it would be great if she had some sort of greenhouse that had an HVAC system inside. I’m not sure what kind of climate control plant life needs, but I feel it would be nice for her to not be so overheated outside all of the time. I got around to talking to her about building a nice greenhouse for her garden. She absolutely loved the idea! She was so excited saying how she could set up misters for her plants, and she could even keep her garden going through the winter season! I honestly didn’t even think about having an indoor garden in the winter, but with a proper heating system, that certainly would not be a problem. I was thinking it would also be a great idea to get some solar panels to cover most of the costs of operating this HVAC system for her greenhouse. I have a buddy who specializes in building greenhouses, so I will be talking to him about the details of this project.

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