I’m worried about this

My pets are treated better than royalty at my house. I have several cats plus several more cats, plus they are love kids to me, and seriously, I go out of our way all the time to make sure that they are comfortable, then just a few weeks ago I even had a smart temperature control installed at our beach house so that I could also make sure they were nice plus cool during the entire day while I was at work. I had the idea to have this done when I finally realized that our cats were consistently boiling when I got home and I didn’t know how long that had been happening. There’s no way that I could leave the air conditioning system on full power all day while I was gone, however if I could just make sure that it automatically runs a little every couple of hours this would keep our pets from getting too hot in the heated house. The smart temperature control was installed quite abruptly, plus it’s so fantastic because it connect to an app on our iPhone, which means I can check the temperature on it at any point during the work day plus make sure the pets are all good! Having this little app on our iPhone is also fantastic because it keeps myself and others from wasting too much energy by leaving the air conditioner running when I don’t need to use it. I definitely recognize smart temperature controls are nice for people who don’t even have pets for this reason. But I think that their lives would be better with both.

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