I was at work for a while

My pets are treated as if they are truly royalty. I have more than 2 pets and more than 2 cats, and they are as precious as youngsters to me, but seriously, I go out of my way to make sure that they at all times they are comfortable… Just a few weeks ago I had a smart temperature control professionally installed at my house so that I could make sure they were nice and cool during the duration of the afternoon while I was at work. I had the plan to have this done a few months ago when I realized that my pets were always hot when I got home from my work. There’s no way that I could leave the A/C on all afternoon while I was totally gone, however if I could just make sure that it runs a just little every couple of hours this would keep my critters from always getting too hot. The smart temperature control was installed actually swiftly and easily, and it’s so good because it connect to an app on my PC. I can go through and check the temperature on it at any point during the afternoon and even make sure the pets are all good! Having this app on my PC is also very good because it keeps myself and others from accidentally wasting energy by leaving the cooling system running when I don’t ever need to use it. I guess smart temperature controls are also fine for people who don’t even have pets for this reason.