Very long afternoons

My pets are treated more like royalty than anything else. I have several dogs and several cats, and they are closer to kids to me, however seriously, I go out of my way to make sure that they are always supremely comfortable; Just a few weeks ago I had a smart thermostat installed by a professional at my home so that I could make sure they were nice and cool during the days while all of us were at work. I had the system to have this done on the very day when I realized that my dogs were always sizzling when I got home in the summertime. There’s no way that I could leave the a/c on all morning while I was gone all day long, however if I could just make sure that it runs a little every so often this would keep my animals from getting too hot. The smart thermostat was directly installed to my wall, and it’s so good because it connect to an app on my PC. I can go through and check the temperature on it at any point while all of us were in the depths of morning and make sure the pets are all good! Having this high tech app on my PC is also good because it keeps me from wasting a ton of energy by leaving the a/c running when I don’t need to use it during the day. I guess smart thermostats are enjoyable for people who don’t even have their own beloved pets for this reason. I guess that will be a enjoyable thing for most people!