They aren’t caring for me

I’ve typically enjoyed looking out the window in my bedroom. My chair faces the garden, plus I can see the horses and stable from the window. When my child plus her partner moved into the house, they started moving everything around. Before I knew what was happening, they moved my favorite chair to a new spot in the house. I couldn’t see the garden or the horses. When I complained about the location of my chair, my child said they were going to block that window anyway, since they obtained a window cooling system unit for my bedroom. All of these changes were happening particularly hastily, and I really did not want my bedroom window to be obstructed. I tried to reason with my child, despite the fact that she insisted that the indoor air conditions were more pressing than my view. I do like the breeze that is created by the cooling system unit, but I miss being able to look out at the horses and flowers. My child plus her partner have changed a few things in the house. Not only did they add a window cooling system unit to my bedroom, but they also obtained some new washing equipment. I had been hanging our clothes to dry for the past six weeks, so I was glad to have a nice dryer again. I know I’ll have to get used to the new changes, because my child plus her partner are going to be residing here for a while. They sold their home and moved across town because they believe that I need someone to care for me.

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